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Good job Denmark. Too bad Natzis didn't rebuild the cities they destroyed.

Hate war It's really a good movie! My heart goes up and down with the movie scenes. In real history, so many unknown people died in war, and even died from cleaning up the mess brought by war. Wherever they were from, whatever their stance about the war was, they were both innocent before war coz none of them wanted it..

Terrible true story of one pioneer of golf. Great film but difficult ending.

huawei honour 8 price Ngl I cried a few times watching this movie Yes, it is realy sad, that young soldiers like in this film, killed over 6000000 Polish people: unborn childs, young, old , mothers, fathers, whole families ... GERMAN SOLDIERS KILLED OVER 6 000 000 POLISH PEOPLE IT IS SAD. This movie is perfect


This movie is great but very sad honour 9 you are going to cry if you are german and watch this movie


... as in all wars, had the losers been victorious, the history books would have been written differently ..

I highly recommend this movie, its very good.

Glad I don't live in world war


Only 4 of them survived from death Good movie. Just saw it. amouage honour perfume Isn't it called under sandet in Danish? looks impressive but why do i know im going to hate that main character so hard?


tommy's honour rotten tomatoes


honour cell phones OOOMMMMGGGG LOUIS HOFFMAN WAS SO FRICKIN HANDSOME, *ahem i meant sebastian schumn... hehehehe. surprisingly ze Germans dont bother making movies about how much suffering they caused.. you know? the death camps, blitzkrieg, murdering women and children, etc... so they chose to make a movie about 2000 forced soldiers, some of them teens? HAHAHAHA... a drop in an ocean. not to mention.. at least they had a chance, the ones in the death camps or civilians killed had none. Germans makers of this film conveniently used Germans instead of Nazi's in the entire movie. how odd... because every time i hear about ww2 its always the Nazi's that attacked Europe... not Germans.. BS propaganda. sorry. no pity. they used hitlers soldiers, not german civilians..

tommy 27s+honour net worth Great movie. hp envy 27s

Looks promising. I almost forgot Hitler sent the youngest to war towards the end. Sad really. Recommended film! BEAUTIFUL MOVIE. AND SADDDDDD TOOOO !!! One of the best films i've seen. It really changes your perspective about the WW2, great to see it from an other point of view, I highly recommend it.

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